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Bare Board Repair Station Has Multilayer Shorts Locator

Short circuits on bare, multilayer pc boards can reportedly be located easily and quickly with the Toneohm 970, a bare board repair station with a shorts locator. Once identified, most of the faults can we repaired using the station. And in addition to identifying shorts, the system also provides documented verification of good boards.
Toneohm 970 can be used on boards using multilayer, high density, SMT and fine-line technologies, as well as those with maximum copper outers and/or power and earth planes. And track-to-track, plane-to-plane and high resistance shorts can be identified with enough precision to allow visual location and repair. Track-to-plane and plane-to-plane shorts are located using the firm's Vector Plane Simulus technology, with the boards connected to the stimulus and physically probed by the operator.


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