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Battery ID/Monitor Chip Integrates Many Functions

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A 10-bit voltage A/D converter, temperature-sensing circuitry, and non-volatile memory are all integrated within the DS2436 battery identification/monitor IC. The battery chemistry-independent device monitors battery parameters in portables and stores pertinent data for battery identification and charge control. Battery packs equipped with the device store their identification parameters and manufacturing data in 256 bits of non-volatile memory. The DS2436 uses this information to distinguish OEM batteries from clones, ensuring safe and efficient charging.The IC uses the company's 1-Wire technology to reduce the number of interconnects required to three: data, power and ground. With these minimal interconnects, the DS2436 can be mounted directly in the battery pack, reducing tooling costs and board real estate requirements. Supply voltages can range from 2.7V to 10V, with operation over the full industrial temperature range.

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