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Benchtop System Performs High-Res X-Ray Inspections

Filling the size of a small filing cabinet, the bench|mate microfocus x-ray system is designed for inspection of samples ranging from pc board assemblies and semiconductor packages to organic specimens. The system measures 25"H x 17. 3"W x 21.7"D and comes standard with a 90 kV microfocus tube and a scanning area of 6" x 6". The system is modularly expandable with plug-and-play add-ons that can be installed by users. Options include five axes of motion (X, Y, Z, rotation and tilt), an image intensifier, a high-contrast detector, and an image processor for Windows NT/2000 with 8- or 16-bit grey-scale imaging. Other image processing options are a module for BGA package analysis, and a module for die-attach analysis. The basic configuration is priced at $70,000. For more details, call PHOENIX XRAY SYSTEMS + SERVICES INC., Camarillo, CA. (877) 749-9729.


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