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Best-In-Class Performance Claimed For SBC

Employing single or dual 733-MHz IBM PowerPC 750FX processors, the PowerEngine7 series single-board computers offer more than 1,600 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS of performance while drawing just 14W. This is said to represent 50% better performance and 25% less power dissipation than competing boards, making the new SBC ideal for use in military and other severe environment applications. Enhancing PowerEngine7's performance are a 133-MHz Avignon host bridge system controller and an ALMA2e PCI/VME bus bridge, as well as up to 512 MB of SDRAM and up to 128 MB of flash. Other features include twin PMC slots, two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interfaces, and four asynchronous and two synchronous/asynchronous serial lines. A bridgeless PMC-Carrier is also available to expand the PCI 64-bit bus on the P0 and increase the number of slots to as many as four. A convection-cooled version of PowerEngine7 board with a starting price of $6,133 is currently available, with a rugged, conduction-cooled model to be made available later this year. For more information, contact THALES COMPUTERS, Raleigh, NC. (800) 848-2330.


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