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BGA Adapter Line Expands To Encompass Solderless Types

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The PolyBGA line of BGA adapters for packages with pitches from 1.27 mm down to 0.5 mm has been expanded. The original CSPACK versions, which were soldered to the target board, have been augmented with the DSPACK solderless types. The new versions make connections to the target board using spring-loaded pins instead of solder balls. Target boards will require mounting holes to keep the adapter connected if permanently installed.Other new versions can replace ZIF-type sockets or other adapters that have the original BGA footprints in a through-hole pattern. They’re more compact and less expensive than the DSPACK adapters and are soldered to the target board. Also offered is a version similar to the DSPACK but with built-in interface boards or flex cable circuits to accommodate various debugging environments.

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