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BGA Reed Relays Tout Enhanced RF Performance

Breakthrough technology is credited with development of BGA reed relays that are said to offer enhanced RF performance. The signal path in the BGA between input and output is designed as a transmission line, with a RF impedance close to 50? throughout the relay. With either B10 or B40 BGA relays, designers can switch or pass signals with a wider bandwidth and faster rise times than alternate technologies. Measuring just 0.1 sq. in., the single-channel, Form A B10 comes with 3.3V or 5V coils, has a RF insertion loss (-3 dB roll-off point) of >10 GHz, and costs less than $10 each/1,000. Requiring only 0.215 sq. in. of board space, the B40 BGA has four independent Form A channels in one quad package, comes with either 3.3V or 5V coils, has an insertion loss of >11 GHz, and is priced at less than $15 each. Inter-channel RF crosstalk for the device is minimized through use of a combination of coax and magnetic shielding. COTO TECHNOLOGY, Providence, RI. (401) 943-2686.


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