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Bivar Unveils SMT Multi-Tier LED Assemblies

Promoting fast installation and extra flexibility, the company adds a patent-pending, surface-mount, multi-tier LED assembly to its arsenal of indicators. Considered the first of its type, the SHA Series offers an individual display station design from four to eight tier elevations making the assembly a prime candidate for use in servers, data terminals, test equipment, instrumentation, A/V equipment, and a wide variety of other status-indication applications. An internal circuit board adapts T-1 LEDs to the signal interface while providing the flexibility to create any configurations required. The SHA Series offers a wide range of colors, including blue and white, in ranges from 430-nm to 655-nm peak wavelengths in GaN/SIC, GaP/GaP, GaAsP/GaP, and GaAs/GaAs materials based on color. A 2-lead bi-color option is also available. Lens appearance is either water clear, diffused, or tinted, also based on color selections. Viewing angles range from 30º to 45º ± 0.5º. For more details and pricing, call BIVAR INC., Irvine, CA. (800) 772-2377.

Company: BIVAR INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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