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Blocks And Headers Improve Wire Access

Offering improved access to wires and screws where a number of pluggable terminations is required in a minimal space, the ELFK Series 45° connectors are designed for use in applications that traditionally used straight or right-angle plugs. These angled pluggable terminals allow tighter packing of headers on boards while improving user access to wire windows and screws, even when blocks are fully wired. ELFK Series is available on 0.200" spacing and accepts 12 to 26 AWG stranded or solid wire. Current rating is 15A. ELFH Series ejector ear headers offer complete intermatability with standard European-style pluggable terminal blocks such as firm's ELFH open- and closed-end headers. These headers can be used with firm's FlexiPlug pluggable barrier blocks and are available with 0.200" spacing.

Company: PCD INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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