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Blower Cools cPCI Systems

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Said to effectively cool densely-packed CompactPCI or VME subrack systems, the RiCool blower tray consists of two blowers mounted side by side, together providing 220 cfm of airflow at 0" of static pressure. The backward-curved impeller blowers in the 19" 1U tray draw air up through the boards and out the back of the subrack. For densely-packed subracks, the RiCool blower tray provides cooling at static pressures in excess of 1.0" of water, which is said to far exceed the capability of typical tube axial fan trays.
The RiCool blower also offers an alarm output via a fan speed sensor, speed control capability, and hot-swap capability. It is claimed to be especially effective for applications such as telecommunications, where rack height restrictions exist, and industrial/scientific research. RiCool blowers are available in 12 Vdc, 24Vdc and 48 Vdc models.

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