Electronic Design

Bluetooth Modules Offer Multiple Advanced Profiles

The BTM 440/441/442/443 Bluetooth enhanced data modules pack multiple advanced profiles in a single module. One profile, the Serial Port Profile (SPP), mimics a serial cable, thereby taking the place of an RS-232 standard in cable replacement applications. Another profile, the Human Interface Device, enables the use of components such as a mouse, keyboards, and other peripherals over a wireless connection. A third profile, the Health Device Profile including the IEEE specialization for weigh scales, allows for a wireless connection between medical devices in order to transmit and download data. Additionally, the modules carry FCC, CE and Bluetooth SIG approvals, comply with the Bluetooth 2.1 standard, and are available in either AT command or Multipoint API modes by default. Enhanced Multipoint mode supports up to seven simultaneously connected slave devices. LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES, St. Louis, MO. (800) 492-2320.

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