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BNC Bulkhead Jack Launches Sideways

A new pcb-mounted side launch bulkhead BNC jack has been designed for true 75_ performance and carrier class applications. The design of the UCBBJE20 connector claims to achieve excellent signal launch geometry for managing the microstrip-to-coax signal transition between the board and cable. The UC-BBJE20 is effective for OEM equipment applications involving high data rates, high bandwidths and/or high frequencies, with low return loss. With the side launch design, the jack has a lower profile than standard right-angle jacks. Using the bulkhead jack, torque of the BNC coupling mechanism can be transferred to a panel front in lieu of the board, ensuring the integrity of the board-to-connection junction. The jack is plated with a thin gold finish for excellent solderability characteristics and a high conductive path. Current designs accommodate board thicknesses of 0.031" and 0.062". Pricing is $197 each/100,000 pieces. TROMPETER ELECTRONICS, Westlake Village, CA. (800) 982-2629.


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