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Board Adds TCP/IP Connectivity To Embedded Systems

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With pre-installed DOS, an NE-2000 packet driver, and Web server software, the µFlashTCP is a Web server and TCP/IP controller in a package only slightly larger than a credit card. It’s said to be a solid platform with which to add TCP/IP connectivity to any embedded system. The board is based on an Intel 386EX processor with 512 kbytes of SRAM and 512 kbytes of flash. Two PC-compatible serial ports are also provided, one of which can be configured as an RS-485 port. Ethernet support comes in the form of an NE-2000-compatible controller with 16 kbytes of buffer memory and a 10Base-T media interface. There’s also support forM-Systems’s Disk-On-Chip non-volatile mass-memory devices.

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