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Board Analyzes Both PCI And PCI-X Systems

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Combined with the company's TA660 board, the TA690 PCI-X analyzer board provides both PCI and PCI-X analysis capabilities on the same board. Via jumper selection, the TA690 can be configured to respond as either a PCI or PCI-X target system. The analyzer is capable of monitoring latencies, throughput, efficiencies, and data transfers continuously in real time at data rates up to 533 MB/s.
An on-board series of dual-ported FIFOs and real-time word recognizers allow developers to measure and verify system specifications and find bottlenecks. Other features include pre-defined and user-defined modes that enable users to capture data and trigger on most common problems immediately. They also allow expert users to build their own state machine for finding more complex problems. Pricing for the TA690 is $8,900 and for the TA660/690 combination, $15,400.

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