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Board-To-Board Power Connector Meets CompactPCI Standards

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The CompactPCI industry standard is met by the POWERPAQ board-to-board power connector for low to mid-range wattages. The connector suits applications that require front-pluggable power supplies, including those based on CompactPCI, VME, VXI and other bus architectures. It allows for ac or 48 vdc input and multi-voltage outputs in the same package. Available contacts include three size #16 (for ac or 48 vdc input), 15 size #20, and 20 size #16 for low-voltage dc output. Features include "eye of the needle" press-fit tails on the socket side for ease of assembly in standard pc board holes using reliable solderless techniques. The connector also offers closed-entry, probe-proof socket contact positions and a fully enclosed, protective skirt shrouding the right-angle tails for electrical isolation and prevention of physical damage to the tails.

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