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Board Combines Digital I/O And Counter/Timer Features

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Combining digital I/O and counter/timer features in a single PCI slot, the DT340 is best suited for applications that require automated counter/timer and control capabilities. In addition to eight 16-bit counter/timers, the board features four internal interval timers, and 32 digital I/O lines. User connections are easy using an optional screw terminal panel, and the board is supported by a wide selection of software for Windows 95/NT. Each of the eight counter/timers accepts a clock input and gate input signal, and outputs a clock signal. The internal clock uses a 25 ns time base with output frequencies ranging from 610 Hz to 20 MHz. Four 24-bit interval timers generate a periodic interrupt to the host CPU to time an event, such as reading the digital inputs or updating the digital outputs. The STP68 screw panel, together with the EP305 cable, simplifies the connection of digital I/O and counter/timer signals to the board.

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