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Board Delivers Power To Prototypes

Providing controlled power to and interfacing with a device under test, the GX7404 prototyping board allows the voltage outputs present on a PXI motherboard to be switched through a DB-25 connector. Occupying one PXI slot, the 3U board also offers software-controlled on/off switching, voltage and current monitoring, an external power inhibit line, and a prototyping area. The board comes with a software package that includes a virtual-panel, stand-alone application, driver, and on-line documentation. Instrument settings can be controlled and changed interactively via the virtual panel window or by using the driver library from within the user’s application. For more details, call. GEOTEST, Irvine, CA. (888) 837-8297.

Company: GEOTEST

Product URL: Click here for more information

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