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Board Helps Embed Networking Into OEM Products

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The ipEngine-1, a miniature single-board computer, is designed to reduce the complexity of designing networking into embedded products. The board represents a vertically integrated network engine complete with hardware, software and the development environment required to make a product network-ready.The SBC itself incorporates a PowerPC processor, 16 Mbytes of DRAM, 2 Mbytes of flash, an Ethernet interface, an LCD controller , a USB interface, a 16-kgate FPGA and a switching power supply- all on a board that's about the size of a credit card. There's also a choice of two pre-integrated operating systems: BSE's real-time pKernel POSIX-based network OS and an embedded version of Linux. Both provide full TCP/IP networking and Web server support. The on-board FPGA constitutes a "virtual interface" that can be configured on the fly to adapt to users' needs. Developer's toolkits are available for both operating systems.

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