Electronic Design

Board Helps Squeeze Multiprocessor Systems Into 19-in. Racks

The Eurocom 238 single-board computer, a Pentium III-based or Celeron-based CPU, comes complete with a CompactPCI interface and a PCI-PCI bridge. The unit's Eurocard format enables installation of multiprocessor systems within standard 19-in. racks. The Pentium III processor version runs at 850 MHz with a 256-kbyte cache. The Celeron CPU is rated at 433/566-MHz (Socket 370) with a 128-kbyte on-chip second-level cache. The E238 includes 128 Mbytes of SDRAM on-board and features an ultrawide SCSI-2 (16-bit, 40 Mbytes/s) or integrated-development-environment hard-disk interface. The board supports 10/100-Mbit/s and 10/100BaseT interfaces. An SVGA interface for CRT and flat-panel displays is incorporated. Targeted applications include telecommunications, industrial process automation, and quality control/quality assurance. Pricing for the Eurocom 238 starts at $2570 in single-unit quantities.

American Eltec Inc.
www.eltec.com; (702) 878-4085

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