Electronic Design
Board Interfaces Ethernet To Digital

Board Interfaces Ethernet To Digital

The Model 8003 Ethernet-to-digital interface provides 40 digital IO lines, controllable from any computer with a NIC interface or from a TCP/IP network. Its 40 parallel I/Os are configurable as inputs or outputs in eight-bit bytes. The board can also monitor 15 input lines and generate VXI-11 Service Request messages on a reverse interrupt channel when an enabled line changes state.  It can be controlled several ways one of which is VXI-11 Service can be accessed by LabVIEW, VEE, Visual Basic, and C language application programs that make VISA calls by selecting the 8003 as the TCP/IP resource. Linux, Unix and other programmers who do not want to use a VISA library can access the 8003's VXI-11 Service by RPC calls from the application program. The Model 8003 comes with the VXI-11 Keyboard utility program and Configuration Utility. The Configuration Utility lets users set the 8003's IP Address mode, its IP Address, COMM Timeout, KeepAlive, and Interface Name. The VXI-11 Keyboard allows for interactive control. Single-unit pricing for the Model 8003 is $395. ICS ELECTRONICS, Pleasanton, CA. (925) 416-1000.


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