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Board Monitors Fan Speed Control, Temperature

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This integrated fan controller and temperature monitoring board can monitor for fan speed control, fan faults (tach and locked rotor), and temperature. A highly integrated micro controller chip gives logic control and configuration control for the P/N B024-684 board. Up to four fans and three temperature sensors can be accommodated. With selectable current and tach ranges, the monitoring board is adaptable to a wide range of fan types. Temperature and fan fault signals are available as pass/fail or as individual flags. The utility interfaces create the ability to drive external LEDs, relays, and other gadgets with no additional hardware. Locked rotor detection can be made for three current ranges, and the current ranges are jumper selectable. The board operates off a single 12V power supply. Pricing starts at $159. HYBRICON CORPORATION, Ayer, MA. (877) HYBRICON.

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