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Board-Mountable Pressure Transducer Has Rugged Design

Designed for easy integration into OEM systems, Model 210 board-mountable pressure transducer uses the firm's proprietary variable capacitance sensing technology and offers advanced signal conditioning, high-level output, excellent RFI immunity, and rugged construction. The sensor is fully packaged and ready for assembly onto pc boards in applications such as analytical, measurement or control equipment. Accuracy is 1% (optional 0.5% and 0.25%), thermal performance is 2% FS/100°F zero (1.5% span), and excitation is 11 to 18 vdc with 5 vdc output (other excitations and outputs are available). The transducer includes on-board zero offset adjustments, all stainless-steel wetted parts, and full-scale pressure ranges extending from 0" to 2" WC.


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