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Board-Mountable, Wide-Gap IR Sensors Debut

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Fitted with leads pre-trimmed to permit ready mounting on pc boards, the HOA1888 and HOA2006 wide-gap transmissive infrared sensors are said to answer the growing need for sensing an interrupter that requires a wide slot width. The new IR sensors' slot width of 12 mm (0.47") allows use of larger interruptive media and accommodates lateral motion parallel to the gap. In addition, a pc board snap-in/retention feature helps promote accurate location of the sensor.Suited for use in copiers, printers, exercise equipment, and many other products, the IR sensors are offered in three output versions- phototransistor, photodarlington and Schmitt trigger (with 10 kiloohm pull-up)- to support application flexibility, with the HOA2006 Optoschmitt sensor also offering a direct TTL interface and buffer logic. The sensors are designed to protect against visible ambient light while eliminating the clogging of aperture openings by airborne contaminants.

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