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Board-Mounted PFC Modules Are Thinner Alternatives To Discrete Devices

Power-factor correction (PFC) is now required by many switching power supplies sold in Europe and is a desired feature for those marketed in the U.S. Yet in current power-supply designs, as many as ten TO-220 or TO-247 discrete power semiconductors may be needed to implement PFC.

The 7720 series of modules for boost-type PFC offers a compact alternative. These board-mounted units measure 1.380 by 2.230 in. and stand just 0.200 in. high. They're claimed to be the thinnest PFC modules on the market. Each model integrates a bridge rectifier, a power MOSFET, an ultrafast boost diode, and a thermistor.

This series consists of three devices that span line voltages up to 300 V rms. The 7720-1A suits power supplies from 1500 to 3000 W. Supplies from 1000 to 2250 W are addressed by the 7720-2A. And, the 7720-3A targets supplies from 500 to 1500 W. These products boast a −40°C to 125°C operating-temperature range as well.

Additionally, the company offers custom modules for motor drives, servo amplifiers, solenoid drivers, and other applications. In 10,000-unit quantities, pricing for the 7720 starts at $22.10 each. Lead times range from stock to eight weeks.

BI Technologies, 4200 Bonita Pl., Fullerton, CA 92835; (714) 447-2331; www.bitechnologies.com.

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