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Hyperthreading SBC—Trenton Processors' new $2000 XPI single-board computer (SBC) sports the new Intel 2-GHz Xeon processor, which uses hyperthreading to make one processor look like two. The board also includes dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, an Intel 69030 video interface, and a dual Ultra ATA/100 interface.

Sounding Board—Offload sound support from a PC/104 processor board with WinSystems' $249 PPM-Audio SoundBlaster Pro-compatible board. It uses the ESS Technology ES1980 DSP-based chip set as well as an onboard 2-W amplifier.

Cool Processor—VersaLogic's $1002 Panther PC/104-Plus single-board computer comes with a low-power, 266-MHz Intel Pentium processor that doesn't require a cooling fan. It features Ethernet, DiskOnChip, SVGA, dual USB, IDE, and floppy interfaces.

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