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Board Powered By PowerPC 740e

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A high-performance, conduction-cooled 266 MHz PowerPC 740e based, full-featured single-board computer, SCORE 740 lets system designers configure virtually all basic needs in a single slot. The board has a large area for development of custom PMC modules that is 1.75 that of a single site. The on-board PMC interface lets users customize the SBC by adding standard PMC modules from VISTA or develop their own. Board has 128 MB of DRAM with EDC, 16 MB of 64-bit-wide flash memory, 512 KB boot PROM and 512 KB of cache. The PCIbus internally facilitates a wide array of on-board I/O, a single channel dual redundant 1553B interface, Ethernet, two RS-232 asynchronous serial ports, two RS-422 synchronous serial ports with DMA, and 8-bit parallel I/O port, and the PMC interface.

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