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Board Seeks Intense Computational Uses

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Supporting one or two Pentium II or Pentium II SECC processors, PCI-945 PICMG compliant industrial single-board computer offers speeds from 350 to 500 MHz and 512 KB ECC L2 synchronous pipelined burst cache. This board addresses applications where intense computational functions are required such as high-speed image processing and pattern/character recognition in neural networks, medical and military intelligence and high-performance voice recognition and data casting applications. The board provides state-of-the-art processor memory and I/O (Concurrent PCI) performance and Symmetric Multiprocessing capability. System throughput is maximized with simultaneous CPU and PCI bus activities, multi-transaction timing, enhanced write performance, a passive release mechanism and support for PCI v2.1 compliant delayed transactions. Features include PCI Ultra DMA/33 IDE, Ultra Fast/Wide SCSI 3 and 10/100BaseTX Ethernet controllers and optional 64-bit PCI SVGA CRT controller with 2 MB of SDRAM. Three DIMM sockets support up to 768 MB, 100 MHz SDRAM or Registered SDRAM. The PCI peripheral and Ethernet controllers are on the PCIbus at L0. In addition to ISA bus mastering, the board supports PCI-to-PCI bridging and has high ISA bus drive capability. Also on-board are USB, serial/parallel ports, and floppy interface.

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