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Board Tester Integrates In-Circuit, Boundary-Scan Capabilities

Combining the capabilities of both in-circuit testing and boundary-scan testing, SPEA S.p.A. and JTAG Technologies have integrated their respective technologies within the SPEA 3030 "polyfunctional" test system. The 3030 is already a very versatile board tester, with comprehensive shorts/opens, analog, power-up, digital, "vectorless," and AOI test options. The integration of JTAG Technologies' boundary-scan capabilities enhances the system's high-precision digital testing functions. The combination minimizes test development and deployment times, maximizes test coverage, and reduces fixture complexity by eliminating test-points, especially for complex digital pc boards where physical access to electrical nodes is limited.

Tests are prepared with JTAG Technologies' development tools and compiled to run on the SPEA 3030 internal hardware, for the software-only integration. The solution is a true integration in which circuit nets can be stimulated and/or sensed via the boundary-scan chain and vice-versa by the pin electronics of the 3030. Test results are interpreted for analysis by JTAG Technologies' diagnostic tools, which present detailed information on fault causes, even in the event of multiple faults.


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Visit www.spea.com or www.jtag.com.

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