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Boost Server Performance, Scalability, and Capability with Kingston ValueRAM Server Memory

SPONSORED EDITORIAL: Sponsored by Symmetry Electronics

With the 2009 release of Intel Corp.’s new line of server processors, the Xeon 5500 series, also known by the code-name “Nehalem,” DDR3 server memory has been thrust into the spotlight. This new generation of high-performance CPUs features an integrated DDR3 memory controller to support the latest server memory technology.

New to the server platform is the support of ECC unbuffered memory. Traditionally servers were limited to the use of registered or fully-buffered DIMMs. The new Nehalem-based servers and workstations support both ECC unbuffered and registered DDR3 modules, giving customers a choice for their memory upgrade path. 

Many users building entry-level servers or workstations may find it more cost-effective to populate the board using lower cost ECC unbuffered memory. Those building mission critical server hardware (e.g. data center, video on demand, servers used for virtualization, transaction servers, etc.) will find it beneficial to utilize the enhanced redundancy that ECC registered memory modules offer. It should be noted that these two memory types cannot be mixed on the same motherboard.

Kingston Technology currently offers a variety of ValueRAM DDR3 server memory (in kits and single modules) for these high performance platforms:

Intel Certified – For the system builder using Intel-branded motherboards. These parts are fully tested, certified, and supported by Intel.

Server Premier – For the system builder who must have the consistency offered by full BOM (bill of material) control in each and every shipment, from PCB to chip die revision.

ValueRAM Server – For the system builder whose primary concerns are high quality, competitive pricing, and availability. ValueRAM Server parts are tested and qualified on both Intel and AMD platforms.

All server memory is not created equal. Kingston server memory is 100% tested in both production and reliability test environments. With millions invested in proprietary high-end testing and burn-in equipment to offer industry leading server memory reliability, Kingston’s patented server memory burn-in testing equipment and process virtually eliminate early life failures.

The next time your requirements call for server memory, trust Kingston Technology to provide consistent, reliable products for your piece of mind. For more information on Kingston’s ValueRAM products visit www.SemiconductorStore.com. If you have questions about pricing, availability, or product features related to Kingston’s entire line of memory, contact Symmetry Electronics at (866) 506-8829.

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