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Boundary-Scan Controller Jumps Onto PXI Platform

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Representing the newest member of the JTAGTAPS family of high-performance boundary-scan controllers, the JT3710/PXI DataBlaster is designed to support CompactPCI/PXI platforms and offers 32-bit operation with sustained data transfer speeds up to 25 MHz. To accommodate the high data rates and lengthy vectors demanded by today's boundary-scan applications, such as flash memory in-system programming (ISP), the JT3710/PXI employs a unique boundary-scan implementation. This includes a proprietary chipset for real-time data decompression, high-speed TAP (Test Access Port) drivers, and AutoWrite, which is used to boost boundary-scan-based flash ISP performance. A high-capacity memory is also incorporated on-board for local ISP data storage.
Test and ISP applications can be executed via the company's own application executive Windows interface or via .DLL calls from a custom test executive program. The software structure of the new controller is identical to previous ISA, PCI, VXI and USB versions. Therefore, applications developed on any of these hardware platforms can be easily ported to PXI.

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