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Bridge Chip Helps Build FireWire-Based Audio Amplifier System

The OXUF922 IDE/IEEE 1394B programmable bridge chip has been tapped to build a digital audio amplifier based on the FireWire 800 (IEEE1394B) serial bus and IEC61883-6 protocol for audio and music transmission. Built using an audio reference design for the chip, the system is said to achieve the high-quality, auto-configuration and interoperability promised by digital audio networks—the system was recently exhibited for the first time by Apple Computer. Supporting transfer speeds of up to 800 Mbps and a network length of 100m, the IEEE1394B bus provides a usable cabling standard for the home and the bandwidth to deliver close range, super-high-speed data exchanges. The digital audio system features the OXUF922 development board with a Wolfson DAC expansion card mounted on a prototyping header, with the unit connected to an Apple MAC over an IEEE1394 serial bus using the IEC6183-6 transmission protocol. For more details, call James Lewis at OXFORD SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Mission Veijo, CA. (949) 348-1235.


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