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Bridge Rectifiers Built For Industrial And Consumer Marts

Built for general use in industrial and consumer electronics equipment, such as power supplies and portable electronics, the GBL and GBU Series bridge rectifiers are rated for 50V to 1,200V, with the GBL devices capable of handling 4A and the GBU devices, 4A, 8A or 6A. The rectifiers are made with four glass-passivated silicon junctions assembled on copper lead-frames and encapsulated in a four-pin, single in-line package. The rectifiers are compatible with eutectic or high-temperature soldering methods. The GBL bridges have straight leads and are ideal for printed circuit board or point-to-point wiring. The GBU bridges have a hole in the center of the package for mounting to heatsinks. Pricing begins at $0.38 each/25,000.


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