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Bridging Feature Links Backplanes Together

Features such as the ability to be bridged together, rear I/O, hot-swap capability, and PICMG 2.0 R3 compliance help qualify a new series of CompactPCI backplanes for use in 19" applications requiring high availability in tight quarters, such as encountered by telecomm and automation systems. In addition, by routing I/O to the P2 connector, the new 3U and 6U backplanes sidestep space constraints associated with routing signals from heavily loaded boards to the front. The backplanes are available in two- to eight-slot versions and can be mounted side-by-side without the loss of any slots by using a flat bridge located under the rear I/O boards. Both backplanes and bridge operate at up to 66 MHz. And by using extension backplanes, which are available in four- and seven-slot versions, a 19" chassis can accommodate as many as 21 slots. The backplanes also use high capacity ceramic capacitors to decouple the high frequency surge voltages common on new boards. For more information, contact George Ross at PENTAIR ELECTRONIC PACKAGING, Warwick, RI. (888) 550-9543.


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