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Brushless High-Speed DC Motor Delivers High Output

Designed for high-speed applications of up to 70,000 rpm, the brushless EC 25 is a dc motor with extremely low vibration characteristics. The motor is equipped with preloaded ball bearings and a two-pole Neodymium permanent magnet. The motor is rated for nominal voltage of 36 V dc and reaches a nominal torque of up to 42.2 mNm. Nominal speed is 61,600 rpm with efficiency above 93%. The motor-specific speed/torque gradient amounts to 44.9 rpm/mNm. This motor is particularly suitable for high-speed spindle-driven applications, as required in medical technology (such as surgical power tools or dental drills) or machine tools (manufacture of optical lenses or fabrication of printed circuit boards). For fast-rotating applications, the motor achieves friction-reduced, low-vibration operation over its entire speed range through high-precision balancing and preloaded ball bearings. MAXON PRECISION MOTORS INC., Fall River, MA. (508) 677 0520.


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