Buck Power Conversion Demo Board Features eGaN FETs

Buck Power Conversion Demo Board Features eGaN FETs

El Segundo, California: The EPC9101 buck power conversion demonstration circuit board from Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) boasts an 8- to 19-V input to 1.2 V, 18-A maximum output current, and 1-MHz buck converter (see the figure).

The board uses the EPC2014 and EPC2015 enhancement-mode gallium-nitride (eGaN) FETs in conjunction with the LM5113 100-V half-bridge gate driver from Texas Instruments. The LM5113 is the industry’s first driver designed specifically for eGaN FETs. The EPC9101 demonstrates the reduced size and performance capabilities of high-switching-frequency eGaN FETs when coupled with this dedicated eGaN driver.

The power stage footprint of the EPC9101 is 8 by 16 mm and about 8 mm high considering components from both sides. It has a peak power efficiency of 88% and can deliver 18 A of current at 1.2 V. To assist design engineers, the EPC9101 is easy to set up to evaluate the performance of the EPC2014 and EPC2015 eGaN FETs and LM5113 gate driver.

Efficient Power Conversion

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