Electronic Design

Building PC Boards In British Columbia

Gregory Industrial Computer Ltd. (GIC) develops computer systems and command centers for the forest and lumber industries in the central and northern regions of British Columbia.

"Ultimately, the automated tool changing was what made it \[S62\] more attractive than other options, but the multilayer board potential as well as operational flexibility were also factors and, of course, price," says GIC manager Greg Ford. "I can say that the learning curve was a lot easier than I had feared."

GIC engineer Chris Nicol takes great joy in seeing how much more tightly packed he can make each revision or new board he designs. "I have not been disappointed yet," he says.

One of GIC's most recent pc boards utilizes a Freescale 9S12 microcontroller in addition to a number of surface-mount components. Even viewed under a microscope, the circuits and pads that are generated by the ProtoMat S62 are sharp and crisp.

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