Electronic Design

Bus And Board

RapidIO Fabric Ties Together TeraFLOP PowerPC System.
The PowerStream 7000 from Mercury Computer Systems utilizes compute nodes that consist of a RapidIO ASIC, a 1-GHz 7447 PowerPC, 512-Mbyte SDRAM, and 8-Mbyte flash. The RapidIO fabric offers an aggregate bandwidth of 75 Gbytes/s. A patented heatsink system redirects cooling air around processors and infrastructure chips. A typical Power-Stream 7000 system is priced at $500,000.

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System Streamlines Advanced-TCA Development.
The Model 6861000-01 AdvancedTCA Development System from CG Mupac provides six slots for design and testing of Advanced-TCA systems. The PICMG 3.0-compliant system supports PICMG 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 switch fabrics. It employs the Pigeon Point IPM Sentry shelf manager. An optional, rear-mount ac power supply can deliver the necessary −48-V power. Pricing is $5195.

CompactPCI Switch Supports Eight StarFabric Links.
Aurora Technologies' CP-SFX8 is a 6U PICMG 2.17-compatible board based on the SG2010 StarFabric bridge chip. It features a 40-Gbit/s internal bandwidth. In addition to the eight 5-Gbit/s StarFabric links, it contains a single PMC slot and two front-panel links. Operating-system support includes Windows, Linux, Solaris, and VxWorks. The CP-SFX8 goes for $2000.

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