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Bus Master Simulator Generates PCM Data

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Contained on a half-size, 32-bit PCI card, the 9903 PCI bus master simulator is used to generate pulse code modulated (PCM) data streams and playback data logs created during real-time data acquisition. The card also performs 32-bit transactions using direct memory access (DMA) bus-master transfers. Programming is via the PCI bus using the 16-bit I/O mapped registers, allowing the board to simulate nearly any IRIG PCM stream. All PCM stream parameters are software programmable including the bit rate and PCM code. Other features include dual buffers that provide continuous playback of existing data files previously logged via the company's decommutator and software products. Pricing starts at $6,000. SYPRIS DATA SYSTEMS, Monrovia, CA. (888) 891-3415.

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