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C-Cell Ultracapacitors Replace Batteries For Industrial Apps

The BoostCap energy-and power-type C-cell ultracapacitor cells and multicell packs provide "life-ofthesystem" alternatives to batteries for a host of industrial and transportation uses. Maxwell Technologies' 2.5-V cells are the same size as a C battery but weigh a third as much. Designed for easy mounting on pc boards, applications include industrial robotics, actuators, telecom power buffering and backup, aircraft door and airbag actuation, and distributed power nodes for automotive subsystems.

Each new C-cell is hermetically sealed through a double-seaming process to ensure long life and reliability. The 120-F BCAP0120 P250 power-type C-cell suits high-cycling applications that require the lowest equivalent series resistance (ESR) and highest efficiency. The 140-F BCAP0140 E250 energy version provides more economical solutions for lighter-duty applications. Each C-cell also is available in a six-cell, 15-V pack.

These products meet or exceed transportation and industrial application requirements for both watt-hours of energy storage and watts of power delivery per kilogram. Maxwell says these devices will perform reliably for more than 1 million dischargerecharge cycles and that the proprietary architecture and material science on which these products are based reduce manufacturing cost. Contact the company for pricing.

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A new series of high-voltage, thick-film flat-chip resistors from KOA Speer Electronics offers maximum working voltages as high as 500 V. The HV73 chip sizes and voltages include 1J/350 V, 2A/400 V, and 2B/500 V. Metal-glaze thick film produces excellent heat and moisture resistance. Resistance ranges from 10Ω to 51 MΩ, and the entire HV73 series is RoHS/lead-free compliant. Typical applications include camera strobes, LCD monitors, navigational equipment, and dc-ac inverters for use in LCD TVs.
Get additional information at www.koaspeer.com.

Rated for operation at 200°C, IRC's PFC-HT tantalumnitride chip resistors use the company's proprietary TaNFilm self-passivating resistive element technology. They feature a wraparound non-leaching termination style with either goldplated or 100% tin (lead-free) versions that won't reflow at 200°C, letting engineers use epoxies and solders designed for high-temperature applications. Available in standard 0603, 0805, and 1206 chip sizes, they have voltage and power ratings of 33.3 V/62.5 mW, 50 V/100 mW, and 100 V/125 mW, respectively. Resistance ranges from 10Ω to 85 kΩ. Pricing is $0.30 each in lots of 10,000. Lead time is from stock to nine weeks.
Learn more at www.irctt.com.

Stackpole Electronics has expanded the ohmic value range and TCRs for its popular RN series of metal film resistors. For most TCR and tolerance combinations, Stackpole's ohmic value range has been extended from 1Ω to 2.2 MΩ. Stackpole now offers TCRs of 15 and 10 ppm, where previously the tightest TCR available for the RN series was 25 ppm. Current lead time is seven weeks, with many values in stock. Pricing depends on TCR and tolerance, but typical pricing is from $0.08 to $0.20 each in reel quantities of 5000 pieces. Bulk packaging of 1000 pieces is also available.
For more, see www.seielect.com.

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