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µC Offers High-Speed Flash Programmability

The 8-bit 68HC908GP32 is designed with built-in FLASHwire programming technology that uses a single-wire interface for programming code in-circuit. With flash memory programming time as fast as 2 ms for a 64-byte block, the device enables designers to lower production costs and shorten time to market. The µC has write/erase cycles of more than 10 kbytes to provide added flexibility for reprogramming in the field. This lets manufacturers customize products at the end of the production line or in the field. The combination of General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins, including software programmable pull-ups, and a rich set of on-board peripherals can speed development of many 8-bit µC designs. The device has 32 kbytes of flash, 512 bytes of RAM, auto wake-up, and GPIO integration. Other features are a 32 kHz-compatible oscillator and on-chip PLL; low voltage inhibit with selectable trip point; internal pull-ups; high current I/O; serial ports; and an 8-channel, 8-bit ADC. The device operates from 2.7V to 5.5V at -40°C to 85°C.


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