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C-Programmable Controller Module Sets Sights On PLC Market

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Developed as a low-cost, high-performance alternative to micro and nano PLCs, the PK2500 controller houses in a 2.96" x 5.0" x 1.81" enclosure a tiny pc card powered by an 18.432-MHz processor, up to 16 digital inputs that are protected against transients, 12 high-current output channels, analog inputs and outputs, two non-latching DPDT relays rated at 2A at 30 vdc or 0.5A at 120 vac, memory, software-configurable counters, a serial port, and more. Up to six of the digital outputs can be configured as inputs, with up to eight of the resulting 22 digital I/O lines configurable. The module also is programmable using the firm's Dynamic C software, can be powered by a 9 to 36 vdc supply, dissipates 75 mA (typ.) at 24V and 25°C, and can operate over a-40°C to 70°C temperature range. Connection is made via quick-release screw terminals. Options include a digital expansion board, touch-screen display, and DIN rail mounting kit. For embedded applications, the controller can be ordered without the enclosure.

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