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Cable Assemblies Interface Low-Profile Power Apps

Cable Assemblies Interface Low-Profile Power Apps

For tight-quarter designs, the Pwr Profile+ I/O cable assemblies and headers feature a height of 8.38 mm and offer a high-current alternative to existing cable-to-board power connectors. The components are available with two power contacts for power and return applications, two signal pins for presence detection or power control, and a grounding shield on the board connector for EMC requirements. The grounding shield is optional. Other features include a current rating to 37A per power contact without exceeding a 30°C temperature rise in still air, an integrated latching system that minimizes the connector/cable footprint, touch-proof safety features, and polarization to ensure proper mating. Pricing for the R/A board-mount header with grounding shield is $4.96 each in low volume quantities. FCI USA INC., Etters, PA. (800) 237-2374.

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