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Cabling System Seeks High Speed Uses

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Featuring a strain relief without overmolding, the HPM-5 System does not crush the dielectric during manufacture, and these cables offer a slightly inductive contact and a highly reliable form of wire termination. Providing exceptional performance and application-specific features, cable-to-board and cable-to-backplane interface uses sets this system apart from others. The system meets the demands of telecom, datacom, industrial process controls, medical systems, avionics, instrumentation and automatic test equipment. The HPM-5 is available in 1x5 and 1x5+2 configurations. The 1x5+2 provides ground tabs to mate with the optional side grounding pins in the mating header. The configurations are stackable to 25x5 with shielded backshells. Each 1x5 wafer has its own shield that comes within 0.010" of the pin header floor to minimize crosstalk and reflections.

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