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CAM Control System Eases Multi-Axis System Setup

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A patented electronic CAM control system, the ECM010 is designed for use with steppers and digital-input servo motors. Measuring 6.3'' x 6.3'' x 0.8'', this single-axis controller can be connected to 15 other controllers to coordinate multi-axis manufacturing and test operations. Each controller has 16 I/Os and on-board storage for up to 16 CAM shape patterns that have been generated on a PC. Each CAM shape pattern can be made up of up to 510 plotting points. Stored moving commands include index, index scan, home search, and trapezoidal drive. Stored system parameters include speed mode, S-curve acceleration and deceleration, motor types, forward direction, clock types, sensor logic, backlash, encoder setup, operating speed, and memory initialization. There is also a stored emergency sequence that is automatically executed in case of problems.

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