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CAN Developer’s Kit Speeds Up Control System Design Work

A developer’s kit is available for the firm's MCP2510 CAN interface controller. The kit is suited for system developers in industrial control, instrumentation and automotive applications.With the kit, designers are able to read, display, and modify all registers of the MCP2510 device on a bit-by-bit or byte-by-byte basis. Included on the target board are PICmicro 8-bit MCU sockets, a header to access the required MCP2510 pins, and a prototype area for users to quickly build and test a CAN node. Also featured are on-board transceivers that have jumper-configurable options to allow different bus setups. The tool also gives users an expansion connector for hooking up a user-created CAN network. This enables the PC interface to act as a simple bus monitor for CAN message traffic.


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