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Capacitive Touchscreen Module Handles Extreme EMC

Capacitive Touchscreen Module Handles Extreme EMC

Designed for use in mission-critical and high-performance applications with high conducted electromagnetic capability (EMC) such as kitchen appliances, industrial automation systems, and high-end navigation devices, the TouchNetix Brilliance TNxBR-104A001 complies with the EN61000 4-6 Class A EMC specification.

The 10.4-in. projected capacitive multi-touch module comprises a 2-mm chemically strengthened and abrasion-resistant front glass, indium-tin-oxide (ITO) on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sensor, a printed-circuit board (PCB) flex tail for connectivity, and a driver IC.

The sensor can track up to 16 touch points on the screen, allowing the automatic rejection of unintended touches caused by the user’s palm or when the sensor area is wiped down. Gesture processing support is also provided, enabling developers to design an intuitive and space-efficient user interface.


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