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Capacitor Terminations Improve Stress Resistance

A full range of TUV-approved surge protection capacitors is available with FlexiCap termination material designed to improve resistance to the risk of mechanical stress cracking. FlexiCap is applied to the termination areas of multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors, underneath the nickel barrier coating and tin-plated finish. The inherent flexibility of the material achieves greater scope for the device to accommodate mechanical stresses typically present in assembly operations. Specifically, FlexiCap is suited to prevent stress fractures as boards are separated from larger panels during PCB assembly, particularly in high-humidity applications. Designed in either COG or X7R dielectrics, the surge protection parts come in capacitance ranges from 4.7 pF to 1 nF for the COG and from 150 pF to 2.2 nF for the X7R. With a rated voltage of 250V ac and operating temperature range from ?55°C to +125°C, this device is approved and certified by TUV and meets the electrical specifications of IEC60384 and EN132400. The capacitors are designed for use in equipment to be certified to IEC60950. SYFER TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, Norfolk, England. +44 (0) 1603 723310.


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