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Capacitors Employ Soft Terminations

Capacitors Employ Soft Terminations

To reduce damages caused by board bending and flexing, the GCJ multi-layered ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) for automotive applications and GRJ series for consumer applications are designed with an advanced conductive polymer layer that provides elasticity in the terminations to absorb mechanical stress. Of note, the addition of the flexible polymer layer does not affect ESR or current rating. The GRJ series is available with 250V, 630V, and 1KV ratings while the GCJ series currently offers voltages of 10V, 16V, 25V, 50V and 100V. Standard EIA size for the GRJ is 1206 while the GCJ comes in sizes 0603, 0805, 1206, and 1210. GCJ sample price for 0603/0.1 µF/50V is $0.05 while the GCJ 1210/0.1 µF/250V is available for $0.11. Sample price for GRJ 1206/0.1 µF/250V series is priced at $0.09. MURATA ELECTRONICS NORTH AMERICA INC., Smyrna, GA. (770) 436-1300.
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