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Carbon Resistors Are Printable On A Host Of Substrates

The firm's printed carbon resistors (PCRs) are custom thick-film elements designed to be printed on a wide range of non-conductive substrates ranging from ceramic to most pc-board materials, including flex circuits. The PCRs are said to represent a cost-effective alternative for applications requiring the duplication of the desired function (as in multiple potentiometers) on a pc board or designated substrate. The process eliminates insertion errors and soldering problems and their associated costs. PCRs are suited for potentiometer and fixed-resistor combinations in high power dissipation applications.The thick-film technology can be used to deposit any combination of fixed-resistor and/or potentiometer tracks in virtually any size, shape or form on a flat surface. Resistors can be printed with either carbon or cermet inks, both of which are durable, robust and provide long operating lives.


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