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Card Can Power And Control Two Screens

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Capable of powering two screens from its VME-based C.A.T. image processing and display system, the Panther card provides flexibility for generating combined, multi-layer graphics, radar and video displays on dual interlaced or non-interlaced monitors with identical pixel clocks at resolutions up to 1600 x 1280 pixels. In combination with the 6U VME double Eurocard C.A.T. processor board, the Panther card gives outstanding graphics performance for applications such as dual screen command and control consoles, radar head monitors, video processing, medical imaging and video replay systems. The Panther offers up to 24 display bit-planes per monitor which are split into a multi-layer structure with up to 16 bits per layer. The layer structure is stored in an FPGA with a number of layering formats stored in a single FPGA. New configurations can be factory programmed.

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