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Card Captures Data For PCs

The Model 7000 PCI board provides a high-performance data acquisition solution in the form of a drop-in board for PCs. The data acquisition card provides a single-channel sampling rate of 100 MSPS and a dual-channel rate of 50 MSPS with a vertical resolution of 10 bits. Memory depths are 256 KB to 8 MB per channel for dual-channel or 512 KB to 16 MB for single-channel operation. The data acquisition card provides a means of implementing almost any type of PC-based virtual instrumentation, such as oscilloscopes, spectrum anaylzers, or true rms voltmeters. All software drivers and source documentation are provided to let programmers fully exploit the board's functions. A Windows virtual instrumentation GUI is also available.

Company: COMLAB INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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